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A platform to access thousands of professionals

Job Gurantee

  • Join our Job Guarantee Programme by paying a nominal fee of Rs. 99/month or Rs. 299/year
  • We are skilled at matching the right work force to the work that an organization needs
  • If we fails to find a suitable job for you, then we will refund the entire subscription fee of the programme.

Unemployment Protection Programme

  • Supports people to face involuntarily terminations
  • Benefits are paid out to people who lose their jobs due to unexpected circumstances
  • Guarantees a income level upto Rs. 11,00,000 (approx.)
  • Support job seekers back into work
  • Invest to have peace in mind

Key Features

Connecting talent with opportunity in digital age

Free Registration

Register for free and instantly start your own consultancy business through your virtual office. Refer to your contacts & earn rewards

Voice Calls

BizUpaay’s AI automatically connect Consultant & Client via voice call as per their mutually agreed date & time

Post a Project

Submit the requirements & get multiple quotes from Industry experts instantly for free. A hassle free way to your resolve your queries

Guaranteed Payment

BizUpaay always ensure that, Consultants receive their payment on time on successful completion of their assignment

Online is replacing offline channels rapidly and emerged as new channel for searching of Consultants. Growth of online talent platforms is fueled by freelancers/individuals and agencies. Thousands of professionals is providing consultancy services across different verticals
Potential of Teleconsultation
Teleconsultation through online talent platforms have the potential to employment by 72 million by 2025. Online talent platforms could benefit some 540 million people or 10 percent of the working-age population
  • Help firms hire and manage talent
  • Reveal trends in the demand for skills
  • Match people and jobs
  • Create marketplaces for freelance work

How It Works


Search and Select the Consultant based on your need

Find Consultant

Search by Sector/SubSector/Industry/Product



Select as per charges/review & ratings. Choose consultancy via Phone or Email

Select Consultant

You can select the cunsultant based on their skills/ratimg etc



Consultation will be schedule with your selected consultant

Consultancy Method

You will be connected to the consultant either via automatic scheduled calls at mutually agreed date/time with the consultant or via email communication.

Hire Consultants

Need of the Hour
Solutions provided by BizUpaay to eradicate social evil of unemployment
Unemployed Individuals can register for free and get following benefits:
Zero infra

Zero infrastructural cost required by Individuals, to start their own consulting business. Be your own boss instantly.

Right Fee

BizUpaay will help experts to set up the right fee as per their experience, expertise & location for their consultancy services

Job Guarantee

By opting BizUpaay’s “Guaranteed Job Programme”, experts can secure their family and future by establishing consistent revenue

Register for free

Register for free and build up your reputation, credibility & scale up your financial position. We will help you to reach your target audience

Clients can resolve all of their queries in most seamless and cost effective manner by choosing BizUpaay
Connect clients to experienced professionals

BizUpaay can connect clients to experienced professionals within minutes to ensure that client’s project takes off immediately

Connect clients with best industry experts automatically

Our AI will connect clients with best industry experts automatically on their mutually agreed time for 1-on-1 teleconsultation.

Authentic review and ratings

Authentic review and ratings of experts will guide clients to choose the best for their assignments

Client can hire an expert for long-term advisory

Client can hire an expert for long-term advisory, operational roles on-site as well as for remote working jobs

Some Facts About BizUpaay